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jeopardy in javascript

I like "hacker jeopardy" and did a "pirate jeopardy" for my local Pirate Party group in 2010.

Since I was dissatisfied with the design and code quality of some existing implementations, I wrote a new one. This one is done in javascript with a minimal html wrapper. Since this is my first javascript program it is probably flawed as well - feel free to tell me about it.

The questions and answers are stored in JSON files, so they are easy to edit. Control is via single key strokes, which makes it easy to set this up with wiimotes or similar devices. At startup, the program will try to load a JSON file from my website, if you cancel this, it will default to some built-in data. With 'h' you can get help.

It tested successfully in safari 4, chrome, firefox 3.5 and opera, works in 2013 browsers as well.

Since I keep the latest version online, please download/run directly. Alternatively, there is a zip archive.